About Us

Founded in 1984, by Leo Gabbard, Leo Gabbard Feed & Trailer Rental, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that is servicing the Tri State area since 1984. In the 1990 era we improved out feed milling facility to become more efficient & to provide better products. We have been making custom mix animal feed since 1984. We have been with several different feed manufacturers over the years, from Wayne Feed to Master Mix which is now ADM Alliance Nutrition. As things declined in the 2000’s we were forced to downsize. Business changes had to be made.
In the mid 1990’s Leo decided to start excavating. By building ponds, clearing, driveways, demolition, and hauling gravel.

Products and Services

-Tarter Gates
-Diamond Pet Food
-Bulk Feed
-The Pride Dog Food
-Bird Seed
-Pond Supplies
-Wood Fuel Pellets
-4-H Show Feeds
-Custom Mixing